Chayka Larysa Vasylivna

PhD, associate professor, associate professor of foreign languages department.


The research focuses on the complex analysis of verbal conflicts as the peripheral aspect of human communicative activity. The term verbal conflict is realized as such a violation of the human communication process with the help of a natural language, in which one of the communicants does not understand the other one fully or partially, negatively regards his/her manner of speech behavior, verbal-cognitive base or the signs used in the act of communication.
The formulation of the problem is based on the conviction that the social, cultural, ethnic affiliation of the communicant and his/her mental state requires certain forms of expressing intentions; linguistic units and structures can manifest such an affiliation (or, at least, are potentially capable of its manifestation), that in certain contexts of any level leads to disrupting the social communication process.

The field of interest is concerned with the questions how and to what extent the internal system of language is capable of manifesting the extralinguistic aspects of human communication activity leading to violations of the communication process.